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This is my digital painting "Girl touching a star map in orange", a different color as the previous star map vision. I think the orange brings an interesting quality to it.

Joseph-Marius Avy's "White Ball" gives us the lovely sight of a fun party, dancers brushing the girl pianist with their gorgeous dresses, their white color and the ambient lighting giving the dancers a ghostly quality.

This is my digital painting "Balloon craft drifting through puffy sky in twilight", a futuristic but darker and shadowier scene than the original. I kinda like it.

Arthur Elsely's "Goodnight" is an charmingly domestic scene of a cute mother and her even cuter daughter waving nighty-night to their dogs; the size of that big one makes him look even more adorable!

Where should Bond go after "No Time to Die"? In short: classic escapist but still serious adventure that's not a character study of Bond.

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This post's featured image is "Duel of the Tritons" by Benes Knüpfer.

Why didn't we just move everything outside, keep three feet away from others, and tell the sick to stay home? Reduces the risk to near zero, and you can live a free fulfilling normal life like that. Instead we got ghoulish policies designed to suck the joy out of everything.

Image is George Romney's portrait of Emma Hamilton as Magdalene.

This is a redder version of my "Girl looking at stars through trellis", which I honestly might like even more than the original; there's just something about purple glows and pretty space girls.

Vasily Polenov's "Woman Walking on a Forest Trail" is an evocative and subtly colorful autumn scene, with a well-dressed pretty girl in the background enjoying it.

How typical of today's discourse, how convenient for the status quo that we're invited to fight a culture war over denigrating Columbus's achievement, rather than actually give back the vast lands that were stolen from Native Americans or restore their full sovereignty.

Image is Albert Bierstadt's "Indian Canoe".

This is my digital painting "Balloon craft drifting through puffy sky", a futuristic scene of a high-altitude balloon flying some lucky boys and girls up to the edge of the heavens.

John Collier's "The Sleeping Beauty" is a lovely medieval vision of the slumbering fair maiden with sumptuous blonde locks; her two attendants' similar looks making for a vibe of fetching womanhood, underlining her plight.

If they ever did it would make them look like what they are: crazy. It looks even worse when one realizes much of the US's death surge was itself caused by lockdown if Sweden's lack of a death surge is any indication. Our choice is clear: we must repudiate lockdown.

Image is George Romney's portrait of lovely Emma Hamilton as Cassandra.

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If 2020's deaths, the same as 2004's, justify lockdown then why wasn't lockdown justified from time immemorial to 2004? If living a normal life is mass murder now why wasn't it so then? Why don't the lockdown cult ever answer that question?

Drinking in the beauty of a flower with all the senses is a good and wholesome thing for anyone to do, especially a girl, like the little sweetheart in Joaquín Sorolla's "Italian Girl with Flowers".

This is my digital painting "Blonde beauty gazing at galactic star lanes", a differently-colored take on a simple but very pleasant sight, perhaps better-looking than the redheaded original!

From Godzilla-like nuclear monsters to alien artifacts in tight rings of stars, my next romantic space opera adventure novel has it all.

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This post's featured image is "Blonde beauty gazing at galactic star lanes" by yours truly (2021)

I've long found it kinda odd that universal basic income is being promoted so much while universal basic capital is ignored. Worth noting: the state can far more easily attach new strings to monthly checks than a one-time lump sum. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

Image is Gustav Karl Ludwig Richter's "Odalisque" (1823-84).

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