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This is my new piece "Airy blue nebula", showing blotches of interstellar dust amid glowing blue. For some reason this looks to me like a place the crew might have visited in "Star Trek: The Next Generation". 🤔

Boy, "Summer" by William Reynolds Stephens really captures a mood for the season: beautiful girls in the full bloom of youth, so languid, so leisurely, so warm, so airy.

We're literally gaslit by our society and culture into having no standards whatsoever for who we let into our lives. Contrary to what you've probably heard, it's not unreasonable to *gasp* have expectations for the love of your life. If you settle for less you'll never be happy.

Image is "The Irritating Gentleman" by Berthold Woltze.

Under a sun in its old age, a solar sail flees into the interstellar black. Is it man's or someone else's? The future or the past? Who can say in this, my "Full sail under a red giant".

George Romney's "Emma Hamilton as Bacchante" shows off the darling's luscious curves and lovely face, hair draped under a crown as if she's a forest spirit come to life to bless mortals with feminine delights.

Tonight I am *so* drinking in the vibe of this video, the delightful ambience that is "Sands of Arrakis". Maybe you will too. 🙂

P.S. — I'm not the only person to have noticed this. Scott Aaronson says that, contra the tale of ignorance and bad incentives among saintly people told by "mistake theory", as a rule every bureaucracy's decision to make your life hell is made by a flesh-and-blood reprobate.


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People in power could do a great many things at the stroke of a pen to make our lives much better, but they just never do, or even *try* to do, any of them. Why? Because they hate us and are making us suffer on purpose, that's why.

Image is George Romney's portrait of Emma Hamilton as Joan of Arc.

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All the climate warriors and so-called communists who clutch their pearls at rich celebrities daring to have anything nice are extreme examples, but I believe less obvious and far more insidious specimens of these sadists are deeply embedded throughout our social institutions.

Image is George Romney's portrait of Lady Hamilton as Cassandra.

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Sometimes I think I have faults, but there are people who literally believe nobody should be allowed to have a private jet. Next to them I'm an angel: I want everybody to have a private jet. That's the difference between a morally decent man and a crab-in-the-bucket sadist.

Image is Abbott Handerson Thayer's "Angel".

John William Godward's "The Oracle of Delphi" shows the titular maiden as if awaiting a seeker, strikingly in the nude, as if completely at ease in her sensuous blessing from the gods.

Every day is a good day to gaze upon my favorite painting of all time, and today is no exception; behold "Emma as Circe", George Romney's portrait of the original and still best-ever fashion model. 🥰

That feeling like there's a big club in life and you're not in it, that you're not in on the joke, that no matter how much experience you get, how much you try, or how good you think you're doing you end up making mistakes, doing things wrong, and never really get it together. 😔

Image is a George Romney portrait of lovely Emma looking sad.

Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema's "World of dreams" shows a cute girl resting on a book, her pretty little head so tired, so sleep, so pulled to a world that is so much better than her own reality.

Wow, "During the Storm" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau really captures my mood now, and is such a beautiful summery vision besides, perfect for these dog days of the year.

Wow, "During the Storm" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau really captures my mood now, and is such a beautiful summery vision besides, perfect for these dog days of the year.

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