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Eh, after doing a rattlesnake Gadsden flag thing in the sky, I thought I'd do (an even sillier) "Hammer and Sickle in the Sky" for my daily sketch! 🙃

It's Waterfall Wednesday? How about Karl Paul Themistocles von Eckenbrecher's lovely "Norwegian Waterfall at Lofor"? That rock in the foreground looks like a great place to spend a lazy summer afternoon!

My daydream: turn remote islands and reefs into tropical resort colonies with otherwise fully restored ecosystems for the people to enjoy.

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This post's featured image is "Roses of Youth" by Henrietta Rae (1859-1928).

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach's "Sphinx mit Undine" is an evocative vision of a fair readheaded maiden gazing out upon the sublime expanse of the nightlit sea, mind and body tuned to the mysteries of existence.

This is my digital painting "Stellar egg", a dark embryonic-looking nebula inside a purple egg-shaped bright nebula in turn inside a blue nebula. Kinda cool I think.

This is my digital painting "Flowers drifting under twin wormholes, showing what the night sky of a planet right under the space portals of my imagination might look like.

From the ghostly feminine spirits to the spray of the sea, from the light of the cave to the color of the water, Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach's "Sea-nymphs in Grotta Minerva" is such a beautiful and atmospheric painting.

This is perhaps my favorite digital painting I've made so far, "Girl with a crystal ball", showing a gorgeous girl pondering the cosmos in front of a crystal city and a black hole, lovely brunette hair arrayed in cinnamon buns.

Between two gorgeous girls being caressed by the sea and each other's bodies whkle looking so relaxed and happy, "Catching Waves" by Paul Albert Laurens oozes sensuality.

This is my painting "Nicoll-Dyson beam", my first take on what a sunset from a world under a sun whose light is being converted into an interstellar laser beam would look like.

"Les Nymphes de la mer" by Paul Albert Laurens gives us the lovely sight of two fair darlings enjoying waves crashing upon the beach, the kind of pleasant sensuality we could all use a lot more of.

This is my digital painting "Bacchante lightning in red nebula", a much improved take on an earlier subject, looking now as if the girl is summoning the raw power of the gods.

Henri Lehmann's "Sea Nymphs bewailing death of Prometheus" shows four lovely girls perched sensually on the rocks, such intense expressions on their faces. What a work of art.

This is my first digital painting "Nature's Fireworks", a simple affair but my first attempt at lightning. I think some of the lighting is appropriately creepy!

Lawrence Alma-Tadema's "Among the Ruins" shows traces of a civilization that may be gone, but whose legacy perhaps endures in the form of the well-arrayed and beautiful girl now amusing herself with its remnants.

This is a new pinwheel-galaxy version of my digital painting "Tree Climber's Moon", and if anything it might be even more evocative of expansive optimism than the original! I love how it came out!

In these dog days of summer, the water beckons, especially to pretty girls who want to nourish their souls with happiness and pleasure, like this beflowered maiden in Alfons Mucha's "Summer" who looks like she's up to something.

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