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The three fair darlings in Charles Edward Perugini's "A Summer Shower" have to hide their cute dresses and hair from the rain. The girl in the middle looks as displeased as her adorable face allows.

This is my digital painting "Radiation storm", showing a solar sail in silhouette passing through aurora generated by an active black hole nearby.

Antonio Garcia Mencia's "Summer Rain" shows a cloudburst as the whimsical act of gorgeous girls who have become one with their passions and impulses. Just seeing how happy, silly, and pretty they are is soul-soothing.

"Summer Shower" by Charles Louis Hinton gives us the lovely sight of beflowered pretty maidens being caressed by summer's air and flower petals, a pleasant vision to start the summer months off right!

For the last day of the spring month I can think of no artwork better to gaze at than Pierre-August Cot's "Springtime", a lush romantic vision of a handsome boy and a pretty girl expressing their affection for each other.

My latest digital painting is one of my favorites, red flower seeds drifting under an alien moon. The result of loose light brushstrokes compounded on each other is just dreamy!

Alfons Mucha's "Spring" is a lovely seasonal vision; the maiden's fair hair blowing well past her feet is striking by itself, but her adorable pose elevates it to being truly gazeworthy as spring starts to end.

This is my digital painting "Purple Flowers in Flight", my first attempt to provide a detailed, though still almost dream-like, depiction of a bioluminescent flower petal drifting through the night air. I love how the glowing veins came out!

Having created another adorable sweetheart for my latest novel, an "Adamas Nemesis girl", my thoughts turn to the sweep of my future endeavors.

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This post's featured image is "Study of Emma Hamilton as Miranda" by George Romney (1780s-90s).

This is my digital painting for today, showing a green nebula surrounding a sparkling star cluster. I think my skill at bringing these little details of the nebula clouds to life is improving!

Arthur Hacker's "In Jeopardy" shows a girl concerned about her parasol having landed in the water, but when you're as pretty and well-dressed as she is on such a lovely spring day why worry about anything?

This is my digital painting "Ring Galaxy", a take on one of the more unusual and interesting galactic types, one I think came out very well. I love the meandering nebulae around that dense core.

Giulio Aristide Sartorio's "A Spring Evening" is a lovely vision of two beautiful girls, on the slender and elegant side but still with an adorable feminine softness, enjoying the warm caresses of the spring air.

This is my digital painting "Solar sailing round twin suns", showing a fleet of spaceships making a close pass of giant blue stars. Looks like they're playing with some real star power!

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach's "A Girl with a Flower" is one of my favorite spring paintings to enjoy as the season draws to a close, the girl so feminine, the landscape so verdant, the whole scene so ethereal.

This is my digital painting "Quasar planets", showing a system bathed in the blinding light of one of the cosmos's most luminous objects as stars spiral in to the central black hole.

John Collier's "A Nymph in the Forest" is a sensual and pleasant vision of a fair girl hanging from a tree branch, wearing an expression that says "I'm going to have some fun!", an attitude we all may do well to emulate.

This is my digital painting of two star clusters surrounded by a red nebula, a simple piece that I wanted to be evocative of a subtle red fire in space.

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