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Jean-Louis Hamon's "Aurora Drinking Dew" shows the fair and lovely girl savoring every sensual delight of her flower, her soft, shapely, plump body looking like she treats herself so well very often.

My digital piece for today is a departure from my usual space art pattern, being instead a little simple graphic depicting a cute red dress with a pink ribbon and huge bow, plus a dangling heart-shaped necklace.

George Sheridan Knowles's "The Duet" shows a fair girl in a vivid feminine red dress enjoying herself at the piano, showing just how fulfilling and alluring being an artistic girl can be.

This is my digital painting for today, showing two star clusters wrapped in spiraling red nebulae, all against greenish striped nebulae in the distance.

Émile Eisman-Semenowsky's "A Parisian Girl" shows a feminine spring beauty with cute eyes as blue as pools of water, her shapely body wrapped in gossamer fibers as fair as her lovely face, decorated with beautiful flowers.

This is my piece for today, "The Girl in the Nebula", depicting a spacey nebula and the attendant colors in the form of a lovely girl. A satisfactory, if a bit too scary-ghostly, result I think.

The future belongs not to the scolds, not to the naysayers, but to those who dare to have dreams and the courage to make them reality.

Painting of our fair, lovely, and girlish example is William Etty's "Daydreams".

My digital piece for today, "Let's Light these Candles, shows a fleet of rocketships flying in front of a nebula, two spirals containing multitudes of stars. I like how both of them and the exhaust turned out very much.

Frank Dicksee's vision of "Romeo and Juliet" is one of the most romantic paintings I've ever seen, the passion practically radiating off their faces. I quite like this Juliet's hair and clothing; subtly elegant and attractive.

Max Nonnenbruch's "Flora" is a lovely painting, the fair girl carrying herself so every soft curve of her body radiates a subtle sensuality, the vibrant white flowers she's holding adding a delightful spring-like touch.

In my second entry in my 30-day challenge to make at least one digital art piece per day, a star cluster brightly lights a purple nebula, like spacey streams of energy spreading out to the cosmos. I love those ripples!

Albert Aublet's "An Oriental Beauty" shows a fair girl who looks like she's in a relaxed and sensuous frame of mind, her shapely body lit from behind by light shining through the fabric she's holding up, a soft and airy scene.

Georges Antoine Rochegrosse's "The Knight of the Flowers" is as silly as it is splendid, every fair girl in the flower field nude but for huge vivid flowers in their hair, a great, if bold, springtime look!

Frank Dicksee's "The Mirror" is a lovely painting, yet another example of how alluring vanity can be. Check that makeup, primp that hair, and never let anyone tell you vanity is anything other than attractively feminine.

Émile Vernon's "La Belle Aux Fleurs" gives us the lovely sight of a beautiful girl with a peaches and cream face lovingly stroking her flower as an equally flower-laden hat sensually brushing her neck.

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