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William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "The Return of Spring" is such a delightfully warm and sensual painting. The pretty woman, whose long dark hair is especially sumptuous, looks at once playful, sexy, maternal, and girlish.

A fascinating article exploring a question raised as early as the 19th century by the Russian Cosmists: how intelligent beings and their technological civilization will ultimately interface with and even merge seamlessly into the natural universe.

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Carl Olson's 1891 painting "Passatempo" gives us the lovely sight of two beautifully fair and curvy girls teaching a little one the art of dancing, all of them dressed in adorably feminine ballet outfits.

Solarpunk rightfully defies the prevalent dystopian vision of the human future, but a nuclear version, nuclearpunk, might be a much better way to achieve solarpunk's goals.

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This post's featured image is "Dance" by Alfons Mucha (1898).

Édouard Bisson's "The dance of the nymphs" bursts with feminine beauty. The luscious faces, supple bodies, flowing wavy hair, and sensuous dresses of six beautiful girls are a feast for the eyes.

The mind is cleared and sharpened by being outside in nature breathing fresh air. For men, women, and children alike there is no better place for education and learning than a natural environment.

The image is "A Childhood Idyll" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1900).

Pictures represent our world, our thoughts, and our dreams in a less mediated way than words. While words may often be more efficient, it is for this reason I strive to include an image in every toot and every blog post.

The full "Love's Capture" by Édouard Bisson is an ethereally beautiful painting; the dresses wrapped around the girls' sumptuous bodies and the sheer fabrics and the girls' cascades of hair billowing in the wind are so gorgeous.

Édouard Bisson's "Love's Capture" shows two very beautiful girls; their luscious, fair faces, doe eyes, soft, supple, curvaceous bodies, and cascading waves of shining hair make for an enchanting vision of feminine beauty.

A Coruscant-style city-planet, or ecumenopolis, is not only realistic, but likely, even in a far-flung galactic civilization of trillions.

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This post's featured image is "The Path of Gold" by Jonas Lie (1914).

Lawrence Alma-Tadema's "The Roses of Heliogabalus" is a sensual delight of a spring painting; gaze at the already beautiful scene being made spectacular by a cascade of rose petals tumbling upon the pretty girls.

Hobbe Smith's "Floralia" is a beautiful and festive spring-like painting; the girls' fair and gorgeous nude bodies draped with sheer fabrics and flowers is a sensual and lovely sight.

Édouard Bisson's "A young beauty with a wreath of roses" is a pretty spring painting. The girl's fair, soft, curvy body and her cascading brunette hair are lovely, as is the string of flowers she's wearing. The dress sensually wrapped around her and the stone edifice she's resting her supple arm on complete this beautiful vision of classical femininity.

"Ready for the Carnival" by Émile Vernon is a lovely painting bursting with spring flowers and feminine beauty; four gorgeous girls draped in blossoms and sheer dresses is always a very pleasant sight.

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre's "Springtime" is a lovely painting for this season. The girl's fair face, soft arms, and full figure are all gorgeous, the flowers draped over her head highlighting the beauty of that tumbling brunette hair.

Émile Vernon's painting "The Flower Garden" practically bursts with spring colors. The red-haired girl with the gorgeous blue eyes and the flower-filled scene complement each other beautifully.

Faster transportation for the masses would have revolutionary implications for our way of life. Flying cars are only the beginning of our future.

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This post's featured image is "Casa a gradinata" by Antonio Sant'Elia (1914).

Édouard Bisson's 1891 "Allegory of Spring" is a beautiful painting; I love those sheer fabrics draped over the pretty girl, and the numerous flowers look very nice. The bracelet adds a luscious touch.

"Le Printemps" by Émile Vernon is another nice painting for the spring season. That fair supple skin, those pink flowers, and that cascade of brunette hair are all just beautiful.

"Love's Messengers" by Édouard Bisson is a gorgeous painting; the fair girls' soft curves, luscious faces, sheer dresses, and pink flowers all combine to make a lovely vision of feminine beauty.

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