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This is my digital painting "A candle of autumn in the darkness", showing a forest in fall leaf in a dome propelled by a nuclear pulse drive out to the distant stars.

Henry Ryland's "Rose Garland" shows two beautiful girls, wearing lovely dresses, hairstyles, and expressions, passing their time in a wholesomely feminine way, the bright airy warmth suggestive of summer.

Want a fun romantic read this summer filled with adventure from Mercury to the Oort cloud and even a climactic swordfight in Neptune's clouds? Then you might like my novel "The Hunt for Count Gleichen's Treasure".


For a novel down the road I've had an inspiration to feature a city spinning in space with a crystal and stained glass theme. In that vein, enjoy Joseph Coomans's "The Jewellery Box".

@vital876 Well, as a single-user instance federated is where the action is for me!

Giovanni Boldini's vivid dynamic vision of Geneviève Lantelme shows off her pleasant figure, fair skin, full face, doe eyes, and luscious lips, adorned by a bold stylish outfit guaranteed to turn heads.

This is my digital painting "Lane of Stars", my first attempt to show a galaxy's disk tilted up just high enough to see past the dust clouds and to add some depth to the vision.

Guy Rose's "The Green Parasol" is an interesting painting, full of summer vibes, the gorgeous girl's contemplative, almost sad expression contrasting well with the lovely dress, parasol, and soft natural scene.

@shahaan Nah, none will ever be able to compare with the greatness of "Bliss".

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