Frank Dicksee's 1910 painting "The Mother" is a beautifully wholesome vision of the mother-daughter bond. That huge and adorably feminine pink bow completes the fair girls' soft and lovely outfits.

@znkd This looks very nice; I really like the ice cave theme, especially the circular nature of it and that Star Wars-esque explorer.

@deerbard That's a cute little sketch. I like it; that structure and its color look pretty nice.

We must not lock down our society again out of fear of this virus and consign ourselves to a life not worth living. Rather we must summon the courage to stand tall together and face the risks life sends our way.

The image is "A Little Prince, likely in Time to bless a Royal Throne" by Edmund Blair Leighton (1904).

@masklayer These pictures are quite pretty. I really like the first one in the second toot; the orange(ish) flower is so beautiful and the lighting really flatters it.

@lillendandie This looks so nice; the girl is so cute and pretty (I love that heart necklace!), and that lighting on her looks pretty cool. You did a very good job here.

@SeventhMagpie I couldn't agree more. The blatant hypocrisy is astonishing, as is the xenophobic and censorious authoritarianism of such a policy, especially considering these same people say with a straight face they are standing for freedom against the communist Chinese, apparently not even caring if their propaganda is believable.

Victor Gabriel Gilbert's "The ball or an elegant evening" is a superb vision of the beauty and sensuality of dance and how it highlights the girls in their vividly-colored and gorgeously feminine dresses.

The real exoplanet Proxima Centauri b has in my science fiction worldbuilding project become Thalassa, an aurora-lit ocean planet drenched in an oxygen atmosphere, home to floating reefs, giant sapient birds, and even dragons.

Read more at my blog:

This post's featured image is "Aurora Borealis" by Frederic Edwin Church (1865).

Today, on the 244th anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence, let us keep the flame of the Spirit of 1776 burning brightly in our hearts as we continue the struggle for freedom.

@deerbard This looks beautiful. The dark clouds in the sky are gorgeous, and that girl in the foreground is really cute and pretty!

@surlyben The sketches don't look bad at all. In particular the ship in the first one looks very nice.

@deerbard It looks rather nice. I really like those colors and the lush (almost dreamy) feel.

Emma Musselman's "The Sky Pilot" is a lovely depiction of a very beautiful, cute, and feminine girl aviator with a soft full face and an adorable expression of yearning for the wild blue yonder.

@randomgeek "Hall of Fame"; "Hall of Glory"; "Scroll of Wisdom"; "Hall of Wisdom"; "Hall of Wise Men"; "Witenaġemot"; "Witan"; "Areopagus"; "Chamber of Secrets" or Wisdom; Font, Source, or Wellspring of Wisdom; "Sophinomicon"; "Philosophonomicon" all spring to my mind. I guess I'm in an ancient and grandoise mood! I have no idea if you would consider any of these, but they would certainly be different!

@tsturm Wonderful picture! The sunset colors and the low-key lighting on that grass make it look absolutely gorgeous. The top half of the picture looks very pretty too.

@Lana A cute choice of subject; I really like how rich and fruity the colors came out. The look of the water over the berries is also pretty nice.

@helenmclaughlinart That is what I call dark, but it has a sublime beauty to it that I really like. Those volcanic red colors look great, as do those dark colors; those dark shards in the background are awesome. It looks like anyone needing to traverse that pathway to reach that castle might have a rough trip!

Hans Dahl's "Siste stråler" is a beautiful painting of a fair blonde girl letting fresh mountainous nature purify her whole body, mind, and soul.

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