This is my digital painting "Galactic lanes", a vision of a densely-packed golden core of a galaxy defined by dark clouds of gas and dust.

Let's make fall 2021 Art Girl Autumn! Amid those crisp winds and lovely leaves why not wear cute skirts and pigtails, break out those paint brushes, and make art in the fresh air?

Image is Harrison Fisher's "Autumn's Beauty".

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The season of long nights of stargazing, chilling breezes caressing the body, and rusty leaves whirling in the air has come at last, so enjoy Hughes Merle's "Falling Leaves, Allegory of Autumn".

This is my digital painting "Pouty jack-o-lantern dark nebula", an earlier painting in a different color, looking quite spooky, Halloween-like, but also cute I think!

On the last day before the autumn equinox, let's look back on the season that was by gazing upon the beautiful girl in a beautiful summer-with-a-hint-of-fall landscape that is Albert Edelfelt's "Summer".

Well, I'm having a blast writing my latest story, about a parthenogenetic sisterhood, a torrid romance, a space-operatic treasure hunt, and more, now up to 16,000 words!

Image is "Interesting Story" by Laura Muntz Lyall (1898).

This is my painting "Teardrop Nebula II", a scene in space with a note of sadness to man's eyes yet with the glimpses of the stars beyond in the center evocative of beautiful infinity.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "The Virgin With Angels" is a lovely vision of the infant Jesus surrounded by angels with faces feminine, soft, and pretty, expressions and poses endearing.

This is my digital painting "Pouty dark nebula", showing thick clouds of gas and dust clearing out in a pattern reminiscent of a cute pouting face.

My style of "Harry Potter"; Harry, Draco, and Luna as the triad, a villainous Hogwarts, and a revolution in a cosmopolitan wizarding world.

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This post's featured image is "Martyr and crucified, son Helios" by Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach (1895).

Harrison Fisher's "Autumn's Beauty" is so ! A fair girl with a soft, round, welcoming face clad in bright feminine colors throwing herself into the craft of paint and canvas while surrounded by lovely fall leaves.

This is my painting "Red nebula with star cluster", something of a classic theme for me but with more black-cloud details that I think add a lot!

@coolboymew If they had any genuine contribution to "preventing coordinated social harm" they would have banned every single lockdown-cultist politician and bureaucrat, and their followers, from their platform in like March 2020 at the latest. If lockdown isn't coordinated social harm what is?

@lrhodes I don't like ASICs either; an ASIC-resistant coin like Monero lets people with ordinary CPUs mine, thus being less wasteful, and precluding e.g. governments effectively banning the coin by the import or manufacture of its ASICs, as to suppress a CPU coin they'd have to ban computing altogether.

@gmate8 Ooh...I've got a Monero donation link too (the About page of my website). Such a pleasure to see another one!

@lovelace To invert that song from "1776": "Always to the left, never to the right, always to the left!"

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