I find my fuse on here growing shorter and shorter with each passing month, my use of the block button more and more liberal. And that's okay. Reminder: you have no obligation to tolerate the presence of those who irk you.

Image is "Princess Tarakanova" by Konstantin Flavitsky.

@rastinza So in other words, it's xenophobic bigotry, criminality, and tyranny, you support that, but you don't want to admit that's what you're supporting, and in service of making yourself look better you try to gaslight me. Blocked.

James Tissot's "Room Overlooking the Harbour" is a pleasantly atmospheric vision, a girl with a certain prim and luscious vibe to her looking like she's planning something: boarding one of those ships to parts unknown?

Mercury collides with Earth, making a Rocheworld in a comet-like orbit with seven moons in tow, tides of Miller's Planet proportions. Ooh...

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This post's featured image is "Two planets colliding under a yellow sun" by me.

If I were the federal Democrats I'd have a wake tonight outside the Supreme Court building; torches, bonfires, a tower of light, speeches all night, and a roundtable at the steps with an empty chair for any conservative justice with enough guts to come there and talk mano-a-mano.

Image Henryk Siemiradzki's "Night on the Eve of Ivan Kupala".

Edward Burne-Jones's "Love Among the Ruins" might not be the most vivid vision, but it has a strong sense of atmosphere; the fair maiden's pose is striking, as is her man's.

Biden's speech was a sad sight to behold, something between a wail of outrage and a eulogy for the right to abortion. His only strategy amounts to "vote harder". Sorry, but that's just not good enough. Roe vs Wade was literally just overturned under a Democratic trifecta. 🤦‍♀️

Image is "The North-West Passage" by John Everett Millais.

Nothing to see here, just your average everyday conservative who thinks forcing women to drown in their own blood is *funny*. I get these sort of replies all the time from rightists; sadism seems to be core to the conservative character, the sole animus behind their politics.

A world without Roe versus Wade is here. I offer some thoughts, and a warplan for liberals. In short: scorch the earth.

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This post's featured image is "The destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum" by John Martin.

Just switch jobs, just buy an electric car, just move closer (where housing is double what you can afford...), just don't travel, just buzz off and die. After all, it's just a minor inconvenience.
I detect revelry at our suffering from these people.

Link: vox.com/recode/23171018/high-g

No, Twitter, I don't think I'd like "Gays Against Groomers". 🙄 Looking through its posts, it's obviously a front for conservatives and QAnon cultists, but the very existence of such an account might be a sign the ever-disgusting "grooming" discourse has peaked...I hope.

Behold: the Supreme Court for once does the right thing and lets girls have effective means of self-defense against rapists, and what does your standard-issue "liberal" do? Whine about how evil that is, that's what. Cursed, the whole lot of them.


Whatever one thinks of this girl's conduct, why make an issue of her nationality? I'm unendingly disgusted and astonished by just how xenophobic people are. Do people like this even realize their racist bigotry, or are they aware of it and just don't care?

A trip to the gym, a few fun movies, and looking over my finances and finding out I'm a bit richer than I thought has me feeling better, and has revealed the real issue: heat lethargy. I think I feel sad because I'm *tired*. Frustratingly, however, I'm not at all sleepy. 😔

Image is "Tepidarium" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

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This is my piece "Baby blue nebula", showing a woman reveling in future motherhood as she drinks in the gaze of deep space far from the ancestral homeworld.

It might be how sad I feel today, but I get a heavy mood from George Roux's "Spirite"; airy and almost whimsical, but with a sense of loss from a better time long ago that was filled with happy pretty people.

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