This is my digital painting "Red, white, and blue nebula spiral", a simple affair but I think quite evocative and vivid in its diffuse shapes, something missing from some of my other nebulae.

A pretty girl shelters from a cloudburst in William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "During the Storm", looking disappointed, and no wonder: her colorful and gorgeous fabrics were so perfect for a summer outing!

Realizing genius requires a leap of faith, a belief in the ever-ineffable insight and intuition human beings are capable of, incompatible with the latter-day mechanistic view of intellect and achievement. Thoughts from Alexey Guzey:

Image is "Question to the Stars" by Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach (1901).

Thinking of a theme at once sadder and more ethereal for my space art, the result is "Teardrop nebula"; I love how those blue clouds shimmer!

Henry John Yeend King's "Afternoon Picnic" depicts the kind of delightful summery scene we all deserve: pretty girls strolling down the path to have a picnic amid the calming ripples of the water, the rustling of the leaves.

This is my digital painting "Clouds of stars", an ethereal vision of a gossamer purple nebula cloud, a huge star cluster in tow, passing by a spiral galaxy.

Gazing at Fredrick Leighton's "Flaming June" is a great way to start off the first day after the summer solstice, a bright painting exuding warmth and feminine beauty, a spirit we should carry with all of us this summer!

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