The young mother in William Gale's "Rocking the Baby" is a gorgeous example of femininity, beauty, and happiness, looking like she's daydreaming of her husband making love to her and giving her another bundle of joy.

My working title currently is "Warp Dawn", but I'm open to suggestions. If you have one vote for "Something else" and please leave a reply with your preferred title.

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Spring is near, the time when girls can shed those layers covering their shapely bodies and start decorating them with jewels, flowers, and soft fabrics, like this fair beauty in Hans Zatzka's "The Belly Dancer".

As the social bases of conservatism ebb, it is clear that conservatives' future, be it bright or dark, won't be conservatism as we know it.

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This post's featured image is“Peter the Great at Krasnaya Gorka” by Ivan Aivazovsky (1846).

Hans Zatzka's "Moonlight Serenade" is a lovely and vivid scene of a shapely girl showing off her beauty under a star-studded night sky, a smile of joy at decorating her body and having some fun spreading across her face.

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