This is my piece "Another Earth through an Aurora", an ethereal vision of a world where if they looked up at the northern lights, instead of the Moon, they'd see an Earth-like orb.

Be a lady or gentleman of leisure, but be an *active* one; fill your days with the most wholesome creative arts that make your sleep as contended as the little darling in John Reinhard Weguelin's "The Tired Dancer".

I bring this up because so many people seem to think "safety-ism" is some emanation of the Left or just appeared recently, but the horrifying truth is the culture of fear been deeply entrenched across a broad cross-section of our society and culture for a long time.

Image is George Romney's portrait of lovely Emma Hamilton as Ariadne.

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Which is another way of saying we shouldn't go to space at all. The body continued, but in spirit January 28, 1986 is when NASA's human spaceflight program died, killed by the most dangerous kind of assassin, our first actor President quoting moving poetry with a sweet smile.

Image is Geneviève Lantelme's 1907 Les Modes cover.

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Consider the Challenger disaster: instead of sending up another teacher to space the next month they paused the entire human spaceflight program for 32 months because "safety is our top priority". Which comes from a mentality of "we should only go to space if there's no risk". 🤔

Image is a NASA tribute poster for the Space Shuttle Challenger and those on board who gave the ultimate sacrifice to expand mankind's horizons.

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The old saying is that if you get knocked off a horse you should get back on as soon as possible, lest the fear fester and become entrenched in your mind. Today the culture of fear is so entrenched we as a society cannot even conceive of a world where we get back on the horse!

Image is Heywood Hardy's "A Ride by the Sea".

But it's really part of a broader issue I've noticed: how our whole society is designed around the premise that everybody is an employee who's married with children and whose social life and identity revolves around his neighborhood and locality. That's an outdated assumption.

Image is Caspar David Friedrich's "Wanderer above the sea of fog".

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Like, I have people I know and care about, but none of them are particularly local. Though by the same token the matter is kinda academic anyway, since it's not like the locals would be in much danger from somebody who never has much contact with them to begin with. 🤷‍♀️

Image is Alexandre Cabanel's "Page".

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I'm struck my how so much COVID-19 advice tries to shame me into following it lest I endanger my local community or some such, blissfully unaware that I (and many other people?) don't care about the "communities" we live in. They talk like it's still 1950 or something. Weird.

Image is Henry Raeburn's "Boy and Rabbit".

The haunting fear that someone somewhere might be having fun, the drive to go to any lengths, even rending the rudiments of human civilization through "lockdown", to eradicate joy from our lives, has been disturbingly normalized over the past few years. Let's denormalize it.

Image is Ludovic Alleaume's "À la campagne".

This is a new version of my piece "Rapture of the spheres", this time with a blue background. More calming, but also more feminine. Not sure which one I like better.

Charles Amable Lenoir's "Reflective thoughts" is a soothing vision of a soft, shapely, feminine girl, the kind of girl who looks just adorable when she gets in a good headspace and applies her smarts to something.

My 12 hours in birdsite jail are up, but of course the twits have to threaten me on my way out. Yeah, yeah, I get the message: you hate me and if I don't hold my tongue you won't tolerate me anymore. I've read where the 12-hour read-only-mode thing means you're not in serious trouble, but I still find myself as absolutely disgusted as I was when I first saw that obnoxious notice 12 hours ago. I've honestly been treated very unfairly, but I'll quit whining before I sound too much like Trump. 😆

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At 16,000 words, my latest story, about two girls going to a cryogenic medical spa on Saturn, has been completed. I just need to put the finishing touches on it and it'll be released into the world!

Image is "Comparison" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

I've been thinking Aletheia, the ancient Greek word for truth, would be better than just slapping "Truth" on it. Though today just now I heard somebody misremember "Truth Social" as "Truthseekers", which honestly isn't bad; I like it better than the real brand name! I can only assume they pay people to come up with this stuff; why couldn't they think of something like that? It's all so cringe. 😒

Image is George Romney's "Lady Hamilton as a Vestal".

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OMG. Just rewatching The Trump rally again (don't ask why...) I just noticed that at one point it sounded like he was bragging about committing election fraud up and down the East Coast. Which I'm sure (?) didn't happen. 👀 And then he seemed to complain that Republicans balked at "doing what the Democrats did with the ballots" (i.e. election fraud) and voting like twenty times. Did he try to get people to rig the election? I mean, what is this? 😧

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This is my piece "Golden gas bubbles in space", like the star cluster got one of those bubble blowers and went blow your bubble, blow your bubble, blow your bubble, one after the other, until they all fade into the mists of eternity.

"Catching Waves" by A. Laurens is such a lovely vision of two beach girls enjoying each other's companies as their fair nude bodies are caressed by the sea. Just drink in those expressions; I wish I could be that happy.

My mind turns to that "bring your whole self to work" nonsense and the like; yeah, as if the powers that be, other people, or society in general would ever welcome or even tolerate me (or many (most?) of us!) if I brought my whole self to them. Life is a game of lies for all but true friends, the people one feels comfortable telling literally anything to. I have *one person* like that in my life, and I'm very lucky to have that much; for the bulk of my lifetime the number has been *zero*.

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I posted that art thread thinking it would make me feel better, and it kinda did, but I think what really gets me is that just when I had felt more comfortable expressing the true depth of my feeling and some of the opinions I really harbor but usually hold my tongue about in public, "what's on my mind'" to use birdsite's phrase, I was stabbed in the back. Guess I should have known not to expect anybody would welcome me if they knew who I really was, what I really thought. Sad but true.

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