Even two years on, I still have no idea which direction #Bluesky is intending to go. Though it seems like if they wanted to adopt an existing protocol, they would've already done so.

I'll only say that the challenges of building a decentralized social network are anywhere but the actual protocol. Mastodon started on one protocol, then switched to another. Decisions that matter are in product design. Marketing.

If they propose a new protocol, what would make it worth resetting all that to zero?


@Gargron Indeed. Bluesky should just adopt ActivityPub and be done with it.

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They may end up reusing ActivityStreams for parts that just need a vocabulary, any vocabulary, for social interactions, and parts of ActivityPub adapted to whatever substrate they'll come up with instead of HTTP+DNS.

Kind of like what Zot/6 did with ActivityStreams+Pub, but in whatever direction BlueSky think they need to take this.
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