Novak Djokovic can enter Australia? Good, but he was lured there under fraudulent pretenses and then falsely imprisoned. If such crimes go unpunished, won't the perpetrators be emboldened to do the same and worse in the future? If I had the power I'd make an example of them.

Image is Jean-Marc Nattier's "Allegory of Justice Punishing Injustice".

Was going to write up a blog post on the recent reversal Novak Djokovic has experienced at the hands of the rapacious criminal gang styling itself the Australian government, but everything I typed either repeats my tweets and toots on the matter or just doesn't feel right.

Image is "Melancholy by Albert von Keller.

Well, turns out I was able to bring forth some thoughts; I just needed to put them in a bullet-point format instead of prose. Hmph. Anyway, I've posted the blog now. 🤷‍♀️

Image is Fritz Zuber-Bühler's "Distant Thoughts".


Novak Djokovic's case brings small thoughts to me: lockdown, the failure of "democracy", freedom-lovers' vexations, and what is to be done.

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@adamasnemesis Novak has been dishonest and publicly rather obnoxious about it. He deservers everything that's happened to him.

This particular case is not about ridiculous Australian lockdowns, imo, but rather about one person being absolutely sure that he will bend the rules however he wishes, that they do not apply to him, because he's so special.

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