Recently I saw a sign at Buc-ee's boasting they offer three weeks of paid time off. That's something to boast about? Seriously? Having a whole 6% of the year to yourself? In America I suppose it is; shows the quiet horror of being an employee. 2-3 months should be the norm.

Artwork is by William Blake.


Also struck me recently: why do national parks, museums, art galleries, and the like even have entry fees? The state steals more than enough money from us to cover it all and then some, but putting that revenue to work would be communism or something, so we can't have that.

Image is George Romney's portrait of Benedetta Day.

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I get the impression we're supposed to think being robbed to give bureaucrats make-work jobs that consist of making our lives worse is capitalism, but being robbed to give us stuff we actually want is *gasp* socialism. Amazing more people haven't gone red than have already...

Image is Joseph Severn's "The Abdication of Mary, Queen of Scots".

@adamasnemesis most of the folks that 'went red' suffered under oppressive regimes. No socialist society ended with people getting what they wanted. Folks from socialist countries generally flee for the freedom of capitalist ones.

@coastal_jelly Oh yes. What I'm pointing out here is decrying the government robbing people as "socialism" only when it's (supposedly) for some big flashy item people actually like to have while accepting the ever-growing regulatory-bureaucratic vise people suffer with every day as a normal function of "capitalism", which is de facto what most of its mainstream "defenders" do, is not a viable vindication of freedom. Far stronger and more radical perspectives are needed to defeat state socialism.

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