I'm kinda annoyed by Disney+ in their little content warnings characterizing the smoking in Star Wars as "tobacco depictions", when I'm pretty sure tobacco isn't what they're smoking. Would it be too much for them to just say "smoking"?


Though that's a nitpick next to how Amazon Prime Video labels even Star Trek episodes where the only drugs used are blink-and-you'll-miss-them medicinal hyposprays administered by doctors in sickbay as including "drug use"; that's truly weird. Blu-rays don't have these problems.

Image is "Silver Favourites" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

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@adamasnemesis A show I recently saw had two characters talking about taking Tums after a big meal. I wonder if that counts as "drug use."

@gmcgath I love streaming, but seeing "Big Tech" act even more stuck-up and censorious than old media makes me feel like "What's even the point?" 😒
Not that the old economy and old media are any better at this point...

@adamasnemesis Some people are just obsessed with warning labels. An online singing group which my friends participate in asks for warnings before any songs that deal with politics, violence toward women, "abuse," and a few other categories I'm forgetting. They cover most of my songs, but the categories they omit are as striking as the ones they list. References to racial violence, for instance, don't require a warning.

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