Sweden being spared lockdown might have to do with its constitution, and while it has good design features lockdown is also illegal in many other countries; the difference between their rulers and Sweden's is all the others don't care about laws.

Image is Albert Edelfelt's "Queen Bianca".


The zeitgeist is post-legal; that said, Kurt Gödel claimed he discovered a Weimar-style flaw in the American constitution that would legally enable a fascist dictatorship, which he never revealed to anyone. Now isn't that interesting?

Image is George Romney's portrait of Emma Hamilton as Cassandra.

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@adamasnemesis I don't think it's a huge surprise to anyone that the Constitution could be amended out of existence. There are just a couple of things excluded from being amended; one is state representation in the Senate, and I think there's something else. Even without any Gödelian maneuvers, the president could be given unlimited powers and Congress reduced to an advisory body.

@gmcgath As I speculate in my latest blog post, I honestly don't think the amendment process was the loophole he had in mind. Any constitution can be amended or replaced, but I get the impression Gödel was talking about features more particular to the American system than that. Since the true answer is lost to time I readily concede you may well be right, in which case the loophole I identify would better be titled Adamas Nemesis's loophole. Yikes. 🤪

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