If I had a little country, my very own Liechtenstein or Monaco, I'd want it to be a tax-haven cosmopolitan hub of trade, wealth, banking, permissionless innovation, scientific research, and culture, a free society where the best of everything can flourish for everyone.

Image is Leighton's "Stitching the Standard".

Old World beauty and class but with New World senses of possibility, low costs of living, and abundant infrastructure, with all the advantages of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood put together. And it would all be nestled in a site of great natural beauty.

Image is Albert Bierstadt's "Shadow and Sunlight".

Pleasant northern climate too, with white nights, access to the open ocean, and picturesque mountain ranges, with plenty of room for a megacity and a hinterland. So the whole Cook Inlet watershed (centered on Anchorage) in Alaska would be an ideal place for my dream country.

This map is a detail of a truly excellent watershed map of North America produced together by the US, Canadian, and Mexican governments.


Of course that "little" area on the map is the size of South Korea or Hungary, so my country is not so little anymore! Still, it's small enough to be dominated by one megacity, and it's such an idyllic bit of geography (ski resorts, Denali, even oil!) I just might take it.

Image is "Siste stråler" by Hans Dahl.

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Such a thread! And I haven't even gotten into the political system of my dream country (i.e. Athenian-style democracy) yet. I think I'll make a blog post about it sometime soon. It's a fascinating little topic.

Painting is "Woman Reading in Bed" by Gabriel Ferrier.

So, out of curiosity, dear followers, how are you liking these little threads of mine I've been posting with more abandon lately?

What would be my ideal country? A beautiful haven of freedom, an Athenian democracy, the leader of finance, art, culture, science, and tech.

Read more at my blog: adamasnemesis.com/2021/10/04/i

This post's featured image is "Stitching the Standard" by Edmund Blair Leighton (1912).

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