Just had an epiphany that instead of being handed a powerful alien artifact to study, leading girl Anastasia could go on a treasure hunt across the cosmos for it. Given that her starship is a solar sail I'm getting some Age of Sail vibes with my next story's plot. Should be fun!

Image is "Strong Wind" by the all-time master of sea paintings, Ivan Aivazovsky.

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@adamasnemesis - I don't know the context, but maybe a little "Indiana Jones" style of adventuring as well. Or learning to trade like a merchant along the way? Maybe carrying a VIP as a side mission? Perhaps studying stellar cartography? Maybe participating in a rescue mission? If you mix it up with a little something else, it might help stop it from being lost in a "Treasure Island" type hole. If you can avoid the direct confrontation with Pirates (rescuing someone from Pirates, or after Pirates have been, might work), and give a couple of side narratives, it might work out well. :)

@nick Indiana Jones is closer to what I'm going for, considering the hunt is for a powerful alien artifact and it's triggered by the deciphering of maps leading to clues to its location. I've also got other aspects going - rival mother-daughter clones who are all expert stellar cartographers, a triple-agent spy, a Sisterhood of space nun scientist types - so a Treasure Island hole won't be a problem. Besides, I'm saving the "direct confrontation with pirates" concept for a different story.

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