Whoa! I just typed up like 900 words on the topic on my blog's little Wordpress editor. 😮 Word-salady notes, but still, it's really fun! I'm going with a scenario format: three hypothetical girls each with a light, moderate, and extreme makeover.

Image is George Romney's portrait of Emma Hamilton fortune-telling.

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This is my painting "A candle of spring in the darkness", a color-altered version of the original autumnal one; doesn't quite make it I think, but it's interesting.

Now this is a good painting to gaze at in these darkest times of year: James Sant's "The Moonlight Beauty", a well-done painting of a cute girl gazing up at a beautifully yet subtly starry night sky.

If laws have no meaning and society repays your loyalty with a stab in the back, then it's every man for himself. Maybe the smart play is to make as much money as possible and build a Beautiful Bubble. Forsake the old world as it has forsaken you.

Image is the lovely Emma Hamilton in morning dress by George Romney.

Just think: if every country staged a "diplomatic boycott" of the Olympics it would be just the athletes doing their thing in a spirit of international brotherhood...you know, kinda what the Olympics are supposed to be all about. 🌐🙃

Image is of Gillis Grafström in the zone at the 1924 Winter Olympics.

I'm again struck by just how good the Futurist aesthetic (prevalent in Tron: Legacy) is. Why can't any of our buildings and living spaces look half as cool as the ones in the movie? Modernist aesthetics don't have to suck nearly as much as they actually do.

Image is one of Antonio Sant'Elia's architectural visions.

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This Dune ambience video is *amazing*. So well done, enrapturing into what I feel is Arrakis, and so evocative of that duality of the boundless interior of the human soul and the boundless exterior of the cosmos that defines the Dune Chronicles.

Having completed the part up to when they meet the ghosts (5000 words) I'll skip ahead and write the end, then fill in the middle. I've got the clearest ideas about the beginning and end, but I need a bit more time to mull over the middle.

Image is Haynes King's "The Letter".

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I couldn't believe I only made one color version of this, so I went and changed it up to "Red star and black hole"; kinda cool i think.

Usually I can't be bothered to spend my time or money marketing my books, but it's been a while so I'll point out I've got ten stories available for you to purchase and enjoy; if you like the idea of an Adamas Nemesis story then give them a look!

It's a good night, when before I go to sleep I watch the unusual Christmas classic "I'll Be Seeing You" and after I wake up I sip some coffee and watch the super-cool "Tron: Legacy". 🙂

Image is "Sleeping Roman Woman" by Felix Auguste Clement (1859).

If you meld together what all the haters on birdsite have called me over the years I'm a fascist-communist-anarchist woke Trump-cultist psychopathic prostitute. Which sounds...kinda cool, actually. Jealousy will get them nowhere. 🙃

Painting of luscious maiden is "Noon Day Rest" by John William Godward.

I never cease to be struck by the truly tremendous, indeed life-changing, benefits so many girls (and boys!) I meet and see out and about could get from a really good makeover. Vanity, style, dressing up, dolling up, glowing up: your path to a better life may well be aesthetic.

Image is Frank Dicksee's "The Mirror" (1896).

Though I still have some of it, I don't have nearly that deathly a fear of disappointment for people in real life. Trouble is none of them stoke much loving romantic passion in me! Oh well, at least I can work on my own life while I await someone I can truly love.

Image is "Just a Couple of Girls, by Harry Wilson Watrous (1915).

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The precious few crushes I've ever had are on girls from history. I recoil away from deep parasocial relationships with today's celebrities for deathly fear of being disappointed later, but history's girls are what they are; they never disappoint me.

Image is George Roux's "Spirite".

OMG...I just realized tonight that Lady Emma Hamilton fit the dark empath profile like a glove! 😮 As do I. No wonder I think she was the greatest woman ever; not only do I find her the prettiest girl ever, she was also a lot like me on the inside! 😍

Image of lovely Emma is a study of her as Miranda by George Romney.

An inordinate number of times people I dance with assume I'm a musical person, possibly because of my good sense of rhythm, and I seem to have enough talent and interest I should try to get into it sometime, but I've just never felt fit to bother with it. Someday maybe I will!

Image is "Allegory of Music" by Albert Thomas (1903).

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