This is my new digital painting, "A Trip to Starlit Spa", the cover image for my short story, consisting just of silhouettes drawn over a NASA image of low Earth orbit, but I think the result was great!

Lawrence Alma-Tadema's "Under the Roof of Blue Ionian Weather" is a leisurely scene of sun shining on and sea breezes caressing fair girls, all with that trademark Alma-Tadema bored pleasure-seeking look in their faces.

This is my digital painting for the day, "Rainbow Nebula", a straightforward ghostly tunnel of every color of the rainbow lighting the way to a dense star cluster.

My new short story of two girls getting makeovers at a low Earth orbit spa, my first sci-fi story that isn't a novel, is nearly complete at 8,200 words. Expect its release within days.

Image is "The Baths of Caracalla" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1899).

Having used this image for my birdsite anniversary, I just couldn't resist showing George Romney's gorgeous portrait of Emma Hamilton looking adorable as Saint Cecilia to the Fediverse too. Aside from being one of my favorites, it might just the purest visual distillation of femininity I've ever seen. I hope all of you will enjoy it too!

This is my new oil-on-canvas painting, "Sunset flight to cloud city", representing my first attempt to give visual life to one of the ideas I write about.

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This is my digital painting "Afterburn under Aurora", showing a triangular aircraft lighting up its engines at dusk as green aurorae streak across the sky.

Giovanni Boldini's "The Mondona Singer" is a vivid painting of a pretty girl in a very bold yet gorgeous outfit, enjoying her youth by showing off her beauty and immersing her soul in the arts.

Though maybe "all Lady Hamilton, all the time" is getting to be a bit much. Taking inspiration from an Edwardian beauty like Gladys Cooper might be a nice change of pace.

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My reference was none other than a George Romney portrait of the gorgeous Emma Hamilton as Cassandra, one of many he made that I adore. Expect to see some more like this; I want to learn to draw and paint people!

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I thought I'd try to paint a girl from one of my favorite references, and this little sketch is what I came up with. It looks a lot more 80s, especially the headband and the hair, than I intended! 🙃

This is my new digital painting, "Red leaves under the sun", my first venture in painting some plant life. I kind of liked how it turned out. Happy May Day!

Even in our supposedly ever-more specialized modern world, the Renaissance Man triumphs in the world of investing, entrepreneurship, and even the ordinary workplace.

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This post's featured image is "Study for the Head of Leda" by Leonardo da Vinci (1503-10).

I adore the sumptuous fabric, bright colors, and tight fit of that medieval dress John Collier's Queen Guinevere has on, not to mention the braided pigtails and the flowers.

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Happy May Day! Let's have an art share! Just drop your art, have fun, and see if you can meet any new and wonderful artists!

Painting is "Queen Guinevere's Maying" by John Collier.

This is my new digital painting, "Cargo pod train in nebula", depicting cargo modules flying in formation toward some unknown destination in deep space.

Émile Vernon's "The Tambourine Girl" shows a fair girl with long, rich, shiny brunette hair filled with flowers, a tambourine to have fun with, and happy smile on her face, a lovely vision of youthful femininity.

This is my new digital painting "Sunset zeppelining", showing an airship cruising above alien clouds. I really like the perspective, the sunbeams, and the towering clouds.

Auguste Toulmouche's "Vanity" shows how bewitching a girl all but kissing herself in the mirror can be. My advice: loosen the hair, put one of those flowers in it, and get a much bigger pink waist bow.

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