Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun's 1790 portrait of Emma Hamilton gives us a lovely vision of the most beautiful girl in history. Her soft arms, gorgeously long hair, sumptuous figure, and angelic face are all so lovely.

And Andersen Brendekilde's "A Wooded Path in Autumn" shows a lovely, vivid, and very fall-like landscape filled with fiery foliage, gazed at by a beautiful girl sitting on a wooden bench.

Alfons Mucha's Art Nouveau painting of a pretty girl with a crown of red, orange, and yellow leaves carrying the delectable bounty of the fall harvest in her arms encapsulates the spirit of the season. Happy Fall Equinox!

Alphons Mucha's "Summer" is a lovely Art Nouveau painting for the last day before the fall equinox. The beautiful girl, flowers in her long hair, dipping her feet into summer's warm pool is a pleasant sight.

George Romney's "Head of a Woman" gives us a charming vision of a beautiful girl, as ethereal as an impressionistic echo in the mind transmitted onto canvas. The brushstrokes of the eyes, cheeks, and nose are particularly lovely.

Geneviève Lantelme's April 1907 cover for Les Modes shows off the gorgeous girl's full, round, peaches-and-cream face cradled by her soft feminine arms, her expression at once cute and alluring.

This neoclassical painting of Aurora and Cephalus gives us a beautiful and dynamic vision of the softly-lit mythical figures furiously journeying across the gorgeously-colored dawn sky.

Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun's 1793 portrait of Princess Karoline of Liechtenstein as Iris gives us the lovely sight of the pretty, feminine, and very cute girl flying through the air, her lovely hair and clothing blowing in the wind.

My first novel is now complete and will be released in a matter of days. In the meantime enjoy Alexei Harlamoff's painting of the gorgeous young opera singer Félia Litvinne reading a book.

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse's "Portrait of a Dancer" gives us the lovely sight of a ballerina, well-poised even at rest, snugly wrapped in a beautiful ballet dress, topped off with a cute feminine bow.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema's "The Baths of Caracalla" depicts the titular baths with luxuriant splendor as a palace of soft pleasures and sensual femininity for the beautiful pampered girls within, a truly lovely vision.

Unity of intelligence with the wild cosmos primeval may be its ultimate fate as its technology advances, an idea that has fascinating implications.

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This post's featured image is "The Fairy Dance" by Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach (1895).

As my novel nears completion, I've had reading on the mind, so enjoy the sight of these fair and lovely girls reading some opulent-looking books in Lawrence Alma-Tadema's "Comparison".

Jakob Alt's painting of a solar eclipse in 1842 truly captures the magic of totality. There's nothing else like being enveloped by twilight and the corona's glow as the sun turns black.

Once we accept limits on our horizons, ambitions, and dreams we go on the path to becoming a society in stasis, and a society closer to stasis is a society closer to death. Think big and embrace your dreams.

Five pretty girls lovingly gaze at Cupid in William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "Admiration", showing how wholesome, beautiful, feminine, and natural the woman-child bond is. I love the third girl from the left's pose and expression.


Ivan Aivazovsky's "The Great Pyramids at Giza" is a lush and dreamy vision of the ancient tombs; they are in fact so ancient that Cleopatra lived closer in time to the first manned moon landing than the building of these pyramids.

The very fair, beautiful, and feminine Ilmatar radiates brightness, happiness, love, and joy, this lovely painting by Robert Wilhelm Ekman truly capturing an aura of freshness that becomes the air spirit of Finnish mythology.

A better future for our and our children's education is possible, one based on the arts, personal instruction, wild nature, physicality, the classics and above all freedom.

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This post's featured image is "The Nut Gatherers" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1882).

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