Even the financial independence movement don't think outside the middle-class box, when wealth-building opens much more rewarding and imaginative paths in life.

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This post's featured image is "Springtime" by Pierre-Auguste Cot (1873).

Geneviève Lantelme's November 1908 cover for Les Modes shows the girl wrapped up in a fur coat for winter that leaves only her wavy red hair and gorgeous face exposed, making her look all the more adorable.

Frederick McCubbin's "Autumn Memories" gives us the pleasant sight of a pretty girl, her reddish hair tumbling down her back, deep in thought as the sensations of an autumn forest fill her mind and body.

Hans Andersen Brendekilde's "A Young Woman Walks the Dog in an Autumn Forest" is a gorgeous vision of a well-dressed girl pleasantly strolling through a forest bursting with rich fall color.

Hughes Merle's "Falling Leaves, Allegory of Autumn" is a vision of a beautiful girl whose alabaster skin, wrapped in sheer fabric, is highlighted by her rich dark hair and eyes, as fall leaves tumble around her.

Sophie Anderson's "Autumn Princess" is a pretty painting. The gaze of the girl's blue eyes is striking, and I like the touch of the berries on her sleeve, as if she is resting right after assembling the seasonal crown adorning her head.

As it was in the days of the harvest festival in Plymouth in 1621, let us meet each other in a spirit of brotherhood across the lines that have for too long cruelly divided nations, and work together to build a better future.

Henry Ryland's "At the Fountain, Autumn" shows two beautiful girls at a classical stone fountain, the warm, rustic, earthy hues of their clothes and even their hair complementing the fall leaves strewn around them.

Panspermia is fascinating in real life and science fiction alike, its links with the Omega Point and the Alpha Point even more so.

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This post's featured image is "Falling Star" by Witold Pruszkowski (1884).

Reginald Barber's "Autumn – Pre-Raphaelite Style Portrait of a Young Lady" shows a pretty girl whose very hair and eyes are autumnal posing as some undoubtedly pleasant sight has caught her gaze.

Max Nonnenbruch's "A Quiet Corner" gives us the lovely sight of a beautiful girl with a full feminine face enjoying the crisp, sensual delights of the autumn air and foliage surrounding her fair body.

John George Brown's "Gathering Autumn Leaves" is a pleasant vision of the season, depicting children plucking pretty leaves while surrounded by a gorgeously and vividly colored forest.

John George Brown's "The Country Gallants" shows an autumnal forest, golden leaves glistening in the sunlight softly lighting the children below enjoying the pleasures of the natural world.

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse's "Young Ballerina Holding a Black Cat" shows us a pretty girl with soft arms, a pink dress, reddish wavy hair, and a cute expression, making for an adorably feminine sight.

As lockdowns spread again, it's more important than ever for each of us to summon the courage to not let anyone threaten the passions and pleasures that bring us fulfillment in our lives.

The image is "Nut Harvest" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1883).

Space habitats, not planets, are the true key to mankind's future, opening up all kinds of pathways, both in sci-fi and real life.

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This post's featured image is a Bernal Sphere "Interior including Human-Powered Flight" by Rick Guidice (1970s).

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach's "A Girl on the Shore" is a vivid and almost magical depiction of a fair blonde enjoying herself, her gaze drawn to her hands, I like to think holding a flower or some other beautiful bounty of nature.

Maybe our spacefaring future will be like the primeval forest, with stars as trees, orbits as branches, planets as leaves, clusters as groves, galaxies as forests.

The images are "A girl with a flower" (1898) and "Question to the stars" (1901), both by Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach.

Herbert James Draper's "Ballerina" shows a pretty girl wearing a a gorgeously feminine dress, flowers in her dress and long richly-colored hair, making for an adorable and romantic vision.

Paul Antoine de la Boulaye's Salomé shows the pretty girl adorned with vivid glittery jewelry and fabrics swirling around her body, a lovely vision of feminine allure.

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